Sunday, 6 December 2009

Block printing for beginners

I've been having so much fun making my christmas cards this year. Look at these yummy stamps from Noolibird. Perfect for cards as they are both nice and big. Although it did take me a while to figure out how to ink them up as they don't fit on my ink pad (roller). I think I like the round one the best. I'm a sucker for anything with antlers, especially moose. Is the heart too cute? I'm not sure.

I wish I'd thought of using them to print wrapping paper too. Well, there's always next year!

Back to the printing press (dining table) for me!

S xxx

Monday, 30 November 2009

Another tick off the list!

The first bit of christmas crafting is complete! A small garland for Piglet's mantlepiece. On with the christmas cards.....

S xxx

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yummy baby fabric

Baby quilts. I love them. They make such a good gift. But the best part is they are (hopefully) quick to make. I have a nephew due in less than six weeks so this one better be! There is more margin for error with the second quilt as the little boy in question isn't due until the beginning of February.

I just have to decide which blocks to choose. This may take longer than I thought.

S xxx

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Phew! What a relief. It's done. Finished.

Just in time to sneak it into my sister and brother in law's house before they return from holiday tomorrow morning. It wasn't very easy to photograph in this limited daylight. Me being not very good with the camera probably doesn't help. In reality the colours are closer to the top photograph.

As you can see, it has the Piglet seal of approval. She has been trying to chew it for weeks but somehow I don't think a pre-chewed gift would go down that well. No harm in a little rolling about though.

So, on with the list....

S xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I'm so very nearly finished with my albatross! The giant wedding quilt for my sister and brother in law is nearly done! I have about an hour left to do on it, I'm so excited. I really am going to get it finished in time for their anniversary, with a week to spare too!

Maybe it's the list of christmas projects in my head or the arrival of fabric for two baby quilts (due in January and February) that has spurred me on? Maybe. Or maybe I'm just sick of the sight of it? Whatever the reason, I'm so happy. I feel free, unburdened.

Right then, as soon as I get this baby fed and distracted I'll be back on it. Guilt free crafting is just around the corner!

S xxx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The bare essentials

Well, another lengthy absence from me! I'm not really keeping it together at the moment. The to-do list just keeps growing or is stagnant. I've been spending my evenings pondering all the things I haven't done, not actually doing any of them. Not productive. Worse than that, I stay up too late and sabotage the next day!

But I am getting one important thing done. Although playing with Piglet isn't really a chore, except when she tries to eat my hair! Hopefully the next couple days will be better and the prospect of a long weekend away is bound to help.

S xxx

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Excuses and presents

Oh dear, no posts for two weeks. I feel guilty, like not getting my home work done on time. But I've got my excuses lined up. Firstly I've either had two colds or one really long one. Which is not really fair as I had a nasty cold a few weeks ago. Of course when I'm ill, Piglet gets it too. Hopefully it's nearly over, although we are still a bit snuffly. I don't think she's felt too bad, still happy and smiley, but definitely snotty!

I have also been quite busy. A couple of birthdays required a couple of cards to be made.

And cards need presents so macaroons were made. Mmmm, macaroons. I need very little excuse to make pistachio macaroons. So pretty and much easier to make than they look. Maybe that's part of the reason I like to give them as gifts? Probably. I do like praise and these were very well received.

I've been away as well. Piglet and I went to Scotland for a few days to visit my parents. We flew up and she was as good as gold. I was a bit nervous, with it being her first flight and all the luggage (car seat, pram etc) I would need manage on my own without the Husband. It was all fine though. Piglet mainly slept both ways, smiling and laughing at people when she was awake and now I know that I can collapse the pram (and put it back up!) with only one hand.

So, excuses out of the way, more presents? Just the one, to me and from me. I couldn't resist this print from Bold and Noble. Gorgeous. I can stare at it for ages, reading all the place names. I just need to get round to framing it. Maybe in another two weeks.

S xxx