Sunday, 18 October 2009

Excuses and presents

Oh dear, no posts for two weeks. I feel guilty, like not getting my home work done on time. But I've got my excuses lined up. Firstly I've either had two colds or one really long one. Which is not really fair as I had a nasty cold a few weeks ago. Of course when I'm ill, Piglet gets it too. Hopefully it's nearly over, although we are still a bit snuffly. I don't think she's felt too bad, still happy and smiley, but definitely snotty!

I have also been quite busy. A couple of birthdays required a couple of cards to be made.

And cards need presents so macaroons were made. Mmmm, macaroons. I need very little excuse to make pistachio macaroons. So pretty and much easier to make than they look. Maybe that's part of the reason I like to give them as gifts? Probably. I do like praise and these were very well received.

I've been away as well. Piglet and I went to Scotland for a few days to visit my parents. We flew up and she was as good as gold. I was a bit nervous, with it being her first flight and all the luggage (car seat, pram etc) I would need manage on my own without the Husband. It was all fine though. Piglet mainly slept both ways, smiling and laughing at people when she was awake and now I know that I can collapse the pram (and put it back up!) with only one hand.

So, excuses out of the way, more presents? Just the one, to me and from me. I couldn't resist this print from Bold and Noble. Gorgeous. I can stare at it for ages, reading all the place names. I just need to get round to framing it. Maybe in another two weeks.

S xxx

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