Wednesday, 30 September 2009


So this is it, I've finally taken the plunge and got a blog of my very own! Exciting! You see I've been "getting round to it" for a while now, just a couple of years. I've been reading blogs on the sly, lurking in the shadows. Not commenting or subscribing, but dropping in regularly to check up on the progress of quilts, what was for dinner last night and the latest vintage find. Is that stalking? Yes, probably. So anyway, I'm going public. Since I can see yours, I'll show you mine, so to speak!

I'm also hoping that I'll be spurred on to get back into sewing, my diversion of choice. I've been very unproductive in that respect lately. I blame my daughter, Piglet, little time stealer that she is! She's 6 months old now so there really is no excuse.

Right then, this is the beginning of hopefully lots of colour, quilts, cakes and things ticked off the ever present to-do list. I'm off now to take Piglet for a walk, and the sky has just turned grey and dull, typical!

S xxx


  1. Welcome to blogging, you'll be as addicted as reading blogs can be.

  2. Awww welcome to blogland Sarah!!!
    I'm sure you're gonna love it, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to...have fun!