Monday, 5 October 2009

Favourite colours, at the mo

What's this? Ironing completed?! I wish that were true but sadly not (the ironing is taking over the sofa as I type). I've been forced to buy more clothes for my little Piglet as she insists on growing. Ah, I do love a pile a folded clothes, neat and satisfying, even if I didn't iron these particular ones.

I'm loving the colour in these new things. That rich purple and hot pink with a dash of orange. It makes me long for crisp walks through the woods, all crunchy leaves and slanting golden sunlight. Maybe even a sparkle of frost. Delicious. Except, that's not what the weather is doing, it's clearly not in the mood to behave and do what's expected of it. Not a hint of crispness out there. Well I'll be patient, for a while at least, then I would really like to wear my new coat (you listening, weather?)
Green! I love this coat. I makes me smile just to put it on.

S xxx

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  1. Love the green coat too and your patchy skills are amazing.

    Mrs Bun x